Magic Kinder Yoga

The jungle and its amazing animals, the sea with its colorful fish, the sky crisscrossed by birds and planes: do you sometimes let your imagination take flight and lose yourself in faraway worlds? Let's set our imagination free with Magic Kinder Yoga lessons, the most entertaining way to enjoy moments of real relaxation with the whole family! A moment to share: yoga for big and small. Yoga is a discipline that's suitable for adults and also perfect for children who, thanks to Magic Kinder Yoga lessons, will learn to grow strong and increase their concentration, explore their emotions and use their energy and positivity in the best possible way. Magic Kinder Yoga lessons are an opportunity to spend time together and learn to relax while having fun. What we will learn: Our Yoga teacher will show us the most comprehensive, fun exercises for: • appreciating every moment of the day, from waking up to saying goodnight. • learning real team playing • becoming stronger and more agile • learning to breathe and relax • setting free all of our positivity. Breathe, relax, smile!


Do you like playing with your friends and experiencing truly unique moments with them? Don't miss this new Yoga lesson!

Magic Kinder is also an app!

It enables your children to have a much more fulfilling experience by interacting with hundreds more activities. There are coloring projects, quizzes, more stories and even more games.

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