The 4 seasons in Chinese



Let's learn Chinese! Each culture has its history, its traditions and its language: knowing it is the first step towards making new friends and exploring a new country in the most authentic way. Let's find out more about China with ABChinese lessons: an opportunity to learn Chinese in a fun way with the whole family! … And let's teach it to our friends. Or to mum and dad! The numbers, means of transport, 4 seasons... but also the Chinese calendar and the 5 traditional Chinese elements: let's learn their names in the original language together and teach them to mum and dad, too, or to our friends! What we will learn: The ABChinese lessons will teach us: • the pronunciation of lots of words in Chinese • the ideograms, how to recognise and write them • so many interesting things about Chinese culture!

The 4 seasons in Chinese

Let's learn the names of the 4 seasons together in Chinese!

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