What is Magic Kinder?

MAGIC KINDER gives families the opportunity to interact with content that is entertaining and educational....in a completely safe way. We exist as a website where you can find a selection of content but for a complete experience, we have an application called 'Magic Kinder' that is extra safe for your children.

More about the Magic Kinder App

Usage of the app is completely safe, advertisement-free and chocolate free. Magic Kinder gives total control to the parent through the special settings within the app that is accessed with a 'parent zone code'. And we fully support this peace of mind with a COPPA+ certification that gives Magic Kinder the stamp of approval by the American Trade Commission in regards to kids online safety.

We want to encourage family bonding and we feel that Magic Kinder can do just that!

A section that guarantees your child a positive play and learning experience, stimulating their logical and strategic thinking with entertaining adventures for different difficulty levels to do alone or together with the family.

Explore the animal world, learn a new language and be inspired! These are just some of the things you can do while watching Magic Kinder's huge library of videos that are bound to entertain and develop your child in different ways.

A section totally concentrated on telling stories and learning to read and write. The stories are all in video form and will ensure that parent and child can interact with the content together.